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Bringing a fresh voice to the New Hampshire State House

My name is Seth Miller and I am a Democratic candidate for the New Hampshire House of Representatives, representing Strafford County District 21 (Dover Wards 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6).

My wife and I fell in love with New Hampshire when we moved here in 2018. And now, serving as your representative in the State Legislature, I cannot wait to help make the Granite State an even more welcoming place for everyone to live, work, and explore.

I didn’t expect politics to become a part of my life. But when we arrived six years ago I began working in our ward to help at elections. I quickly realized just how important that process is, and eventually was elected as Moderator, managing the team that makes sure votes are properly counted. I assumed that non-partisan role would be where my political involvement ended.

At the same time, I’ve seen the challenges to democracy rising in New Hampshire and elsewhere. I’ve seen the attacks on civil rights and individual freedoms. I’ve seen the efforts to roll back our society at seemingly every turn. So when I was asked to step up and fill this role on behalf of my community I quickly agreed. I look forward to helping reverse the course of decline in New Hampshire and making the Granite State truly welcoming to all.

I will represent all the people of Strafford County District 21 and I will work to make our community and state stronger economically while restoring social progress erased in recent years.

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Putting New Hampshire back on track

The GOP has worked aggressively at both the state and federal level to reduce access to health care, driving up costs and enforcing a minority, religion-driven approach.

I’ll fight in Concord to see New Hampshire protect the rights of it citizens, and to get the government out of the conversation between patients and doctors about what care is appropriate.

Since arriving in New Hampshire I’ve embraced several opportunities to become politically involved. I worked at several elections in Dover’s Ward 5 before being elected as the Moderator in 2021, a role I continue to serve in. And I have seen first-hand the efforts underway to restrict access to voting. That is one of many issues I’ll fight to fix in Concord.

I grew up as the child of an elementary school teacher, a regular reminder of how critical education is for the success of of a society. Yet New Hampshire continues to underfund public education, misappropriating funds for private voucher programs and imposing an outsized tax burden on citizens.

It is time to fix this from the State House, ensuring teachers have the tools and freedom they need to raise our next generation.